Happy Monday!

Today is Show Me Your Mug Monday!

What does this mean??  It means I am stalking YOU today!  Leave me a comment with your Blog/Website, Twitter Handle, Facebook Fan Page, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Networked Blogs etc…. and if you’re really awesome, share a picture of YOUR coffee “mug” today!  I DO follow and I look forward to meeting you and reading whatcha got going on!  Don’t forget to follow me “everywhere” back!

He’s not spoiled…he’s blessed! :)

Have a great Mocha…I mean Monday!

Please don’t forget to follow those who have left a comment this week! You may also hashtag #showmeyourmugmonday!


  1. Love that doggie next to the mug. SO flippin’ cute!!

  2. AH Hahaha! Mocha Chino! I love that mug…I need to get one!

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