Yoo-Hoo, Where Are You??

It’s that time again.

The weekend that my family and I disappear.

The time that we come together with THOUSANDS of like minded BELIEVERS.

At ONE place, at ONE time, with ONE heart, to worship ONE.


Here I am.


And WHY do we do what we do??





The normal life says, “take the path of least resistance… it’s easier that way.” But the truth is that the path of least resistance makes crooked rivers and crooked men… Normal’s Not Enough!

Today’s “Normal” culture creates a suffocating vacuum; a lifestyle of powerlessness, paralyzing its victims with apathy and boredom. People want their life to be a constant rush, but they can’t find a way to stay in that zone. After playing every level of every video game known to man, the zombie gamer realizes he is bored and that a computer manufactured the high. After every TV show and movie the media addict realizes he has been watching other people live life and not living his own. Many others have attempted to break out of the clutches of the “normal” life by partying, getting involved in sports, music, or fashion but again only to realize they are empty inside wondering what to try next. None of these “normal” distractions will ever produce the rush we want… because Normal’s Not Enough!

You were made for so much more than merely NORMAL.

The World says that normal is just getting by in the shallow stagnated waters of the SELF-centered life… butNormal’s Not Enough! 

Much of today’s popular “shallow Christianized entertainment” tastes sweet but lasts only for a moment. A diet consisting only of this kind of “normal” is making this generation think they have experienced the real thing. These “cotton candy Christians” dissolve in water and melt at the first sign of fire, and are left empty thinking normal Christianity is just a game. Normal’s Not Enough!

What Jesus did on the cross wasn’t normal… neither is what He calls His followers to. It is anything but normal! He is inviting us to remove ourselves from the mundane rituals that appear fun for a moment, but ultimately kill our dreams and our drive. He spoke of a Kingdom that is coming, a kingdom within us that HE wants to build. Following in His footsteps is the beginning of a torrent of spiritual life, freedom from sin and the trance of boredom this world spins for us. This generation of youth is NOT looking for a new definition of Christianity… rather a NEW demonstration of Christianity. Because Normal’s Not Enough!

This year at Acquire The Fire, we will discover together just how shockingly un-normal we were meant to be. The story of Jesus will leap to life before your eyes as if you had never heard it before. You will see that what He did is so much bigger than any flannel board in Sunday School could ever describe! You will discover some of the behind-the-scenes mysteries whispered throughout the Bible that led to the greatest rescue ever conceived. You will witness ultimate evil versus the ultimate good, while learning the sobering reason for this battle of all the ages. You will see with incredible clarity the reason for His astonishing sacrifice. His sacrifice compels us to a lifestyle that is decidedly NOT NORMAL. Your understanding of reality will change as you see the truth behind the curtain, that we are still living in the middle of a war torn universe. You will leave knowing that you’ll never live a “normal” life again because of the change that happened inside you. Normal will never be Enough again.

This is our hallowed moment, our clarion call for action. If we will unshackle ourselves from the things of this world and give ourselves wholly for 27 hours to God… He will grip this generation with cause and a vision that will drive back the dark angel of complacency and destruction… the world has never been moved by… the mildly motivated. The time for fresh fire is now. Normal’s Not Enough!


Our heartbeat is to provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth.

*The above information was taken from the Acquire The Fire website.  We do not receive any payment for the endorsement of this ministry.

Stay tuned for an awesome update….and if you ever want to go, YOU ARE WELCOMED!


  1. This sounds amazing!!!

  2. As a former Youth Minister we have taken youth groups to ATF…eye opening, worshipful experience for many of our kids and for us as leaders. Your words could not be more true for believers in this moment…it is going to cost us something to follow after Christ with reckless abandon! Praying that this season of ATF shakes the hearts and souls of a new generation and that they experience a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit!

    • Wow! Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment, it truly blesses me! So great to hear from someone who has experienced God’s wonderful power in this way! God bless you for your work past & present! Again, many thanks for you stopping by! :)

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