Senior Year *CHECK-IN*

So we are six weeks into my boy’s senior year of high school and in order for me to slooooow the time down in my own mind I decided to stop and give an update.  So much has already happened.  He’s met some great friends. He loves his class schedule {way too easy in my opinion}.  He’s been to his former school’s homecoming game, (of course they played his current school).  He’s been to his last homecoming dance at another high school.

I pick him up from school daily (he hates that he’s not yet driving) and yep, he still walks out with that smile and the look of pure contentment.  He’s always got a funny story to share and admits he likes being “the new kid”.  Eating lunch off campus leaves my pockets empty.  And he has enjoyed PLENTY of girls volleyball games {surprised?}!

Recently he shared that his gym teacher pulled him aside to tell him, “Jayson you’re different. I like the way you carry yourself in the halls. We need more of you around here.”  Makes this mama WAY proud.

This whole documentation of my boy’s senior year is total therapy for me, so I hope you don’t mind.  I know that I’ll never get these days back.  And trust me, I went through a similar grieving process with my first child.

All is going great for him.  He’s enjoying his days, and is counting down until basketball season begins!

Here are some pics that I’ve taken and some that he’s sent to me. Proof that the kid loves when his mama documents.

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Chitwood Media is currently documenting Jayson’s Senior Year via video. We are super excited to be able to look back (over & over again) on his last year.  But of course a mama with an iPhone is dangerous.

Hope your school year is off to a successful start!

Dear Senior,

Dear Senior (Jayson),

I cannot believe we are already here.  Your first day of your senior year of high school.  Man, what a journey this has been.  Your route has been an adventure to say the least, but not surprising at all, just fits the person you’ve always been, EXCITING & UNPREDICTABLE!  You’ve sure never taken the “easy” road growing up.  I’ve pretty much settled on the fact that you are a “challenge magnet”.  You attract them and conquer them.  Funny, as I am writing about your senior year, I’m thinking about the kind of kid you’ve always been and how it’s all coming together (even though there’s so much more coming). I am absolutely amazed at your resilience and your hunger for living your best life.  Your dreams have never been small, nor common, and they have never wavered.  I’m proud of you for that.

I want to encourage you this year that in the midst of the stress, busyness, boredom and possible nervousness for the next steps in your life, that it’s okay to make some room for feeling sentimental.  You know I often look at you and say, this is it Jayson.  Meaning this year is an important one and you’ll never get it back.  I still think back to my days in high school and think, WOW, where did the time go, and honestly wish I would’ve done a lot of things differently.

As a high school senior, you are certainly maturing and growing more independent, admittedly, some days I love it and some days I hate it– you are very close to adulthood.  But in another way, it’s your last year ever to be a “kid”.  You’re still in preparatory school, and you’re still living under your parents’ covering and provision.  You’re still a “minor” (at least until you turn 18, *insert mom tears here*).  If you can keep these two realities in balance – the reality of being an almost-adult AND the reality of still being in your final year of kid-hood, you can have an AMAZING year as a senior!

 I encourage you to cherish each moment. Enjoy the time with your friends, although you may never have these relationships after high school, you will still one day look back and realize there was a lesson learned, an experience or even a moment you will never get back.  Even though you’ve proven yourself to be a great student, glean everything you can from your teachers in your classes; your diligence in classes now will pave the way for a good work ethic in college and in your future career.

A lot of high school seniors waste what should be a great year by living in the future – rushing ahead mentally and emotionally and physically into adulthood, although they’re not really ready.  Reminds me of a certain young lady who became a mother before she should have.  Trust me, “being grown” is over rated.  Others ruin this precious year of their lives with a lot of stupid, childish decisions, as if they were still a 9th- or 10th-grader.  Others make their only senior year a living hell for themselves by pre-maturely “promoting” themselves above their parents’ authority and protection, exposing themselves to all kinds of unnecessary dangers and temptations.  Although I believe I know what kind of young man you are and know what you’re made of, I feel the need to share all of this with you.

You’re on top this year.  Everyone in your school/community is looking up to you now.  They want to be like you, and follow your example.  Thus, the decisions you make this year mean more than any other year prior to now – because so many younger, impressionable students are watching your life so closely.  We all know your love for basketball, but remember you are MORE than a hooper.  The ball will always be there and so will the thoughts and impressions others will have of the kind of person you are without the ball. Give them a legacy worthy of being followed!  You’ve already done some pretty remarkable things throughout your high school years.  You’ve already made some positive life lasting impressions on others I’m certain.  You’ve reached out beyond many kids your age and touched a lot of lives. Keep going.  Now is not the time to stop.

The simple fact is this Jayson: you will be remembered for something.  You know just how I share with you and your sister about the kids I went to school with, people will point to YOUR picture in their yearbook and say, Man, he really was a _______.”  The cool thing is, you have the chance right now to decide what words people will use to fill in that blank.

  • Step out of your comfort zone – by joining groups, watching the school play, entering a contest, etc.
  • Take part in those crazy spirit days.
  • Pay for a student or teacher’s lunch.
  • Help and serve others.
  • Remember and stand for what you believe in. (Remember God gives you those direct words for a reason)
  • Don’t complain about long school days – one day they’ll be over.
  • Don’t get your heart too heavily involved (girls can require a lot, trust me I am one).
  • Stay away from alcohol, it alters who you are.
  • Treat females how you want males to treat your sister.
  • Do your best academically.
  • And beyond that, just have a TON of wise and safe FUN!  You only have ONE senior year.

Most importantly of all, commit your senior year to God.  Invite Him into every single day.  Ask Jesus to show you opportunities to be a light to those in your school.  Give Him room to show you the extraordinary and to do the extraordinary through YOU!

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First day as a H.S. Senior. Class of 2015.

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