Our Birthday Celebrations

Sometimes it takes me a few days to process an event.  Well, it’s taken me a little longer because between my race {read here}, my 40th birthday AND my daughter’s 22nd birthday, it’s been non stop stimulation.

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Seen one on Pinterest and had to have my own!  Hey, if you don’t think you’re Wonder Woman, who else will?? Shared my idea with a friend and she totally rocked it! DELICIOUS!

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Of course I needed a couple of  Wonder Women to come and help me indulge.

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My day ended with a lovely dinner with hubby, and ice cream of course!

Then there was Friday night…

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I promise to cover this night soon! It was a BALL!! Heeheehee…

Let the Saturday Night Celebrations continue!

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Dancing, laughing and more dancing!!

Breezy’s turn {Happy 22nd!}…

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I love that us girls celebrate birthdays 4 days apart.  I tell the story every year of how I was dilated to a 3  on my 18th birthday (I know, way too young), then 4 days later I had my 7 lb 9 oz daughter at 12:43 pm.  I distinctly remember my birthing room had The Bold and the Beautiful on while I delivered.  Haha, kinda fitting for my Breezy!  I also remember constantly asking the nurses and doctors “about what time do you think this will all happen?”, as if I had somewhere to be that day. Geez, such a planner!  I sure they thought I was nuts!

It was a fabulous weekend for both of us.  We are still trying to get back to our normal routine.

Thanks for all of the Birthday Love!


Who does a post on their birthday?? ME!  I can’t move on with my 40 year old life without first celebrating my HUGE challenge.  Back in February I decided to RUN my first 5K.  At that time I was NOT in or even close to being in physical shape.  When I first started training I seriously could not even WALK a mile and I would whine to my poor personal trainer (Breezy) how I couldn’t do it.  She never let me stop or give up and the more I went the more determined I got.  Now don’t get me wrong, it HURT everyday!  I literally had to talk myself into putting my running shoes on and even still I would walk around inside the house stalling.


Race Day

Is it too late to back out?? No, for real.

Race Day 008

Even though he’s in Vegas playing ball, he was right there with Mama! His turn to be coach!

Race Day 001

I’m pretty sure I said “this is crazy!” before I started cracking up! hehehe

Race Day 012

BEST TRAINER EVER!! I hope she knows she’s running every race with me!

Race Day 009

These legs already put in 3 miles in the morning before the race, they were NOT happy with me!!

Race Day 007

He’s such a Pro at this!

Race Day 011

It just got real my friends!

Race Day 005

What an amazing feeling! They were really cheering for me!!

Race Day 010

A cool sight seeing all the runners, ahead of me and behind me.

Race Day 006

Checking in mid way, I’m still RUNNING!!

Race Day 004

These chicks were gettin’ it!

Race Day 002

LOOKIE!!! And yep, I had to record myself crossing the finish line!

Race Day 003

I’m a RUNNER ya’ll!!

A lot has happened over the last 6 months and even though I’m certainly not where I want to be physically, I am so there mentally!  My first race will definitely NOT be my last!  I’m already signed up for RACE #2 next month! YIKES!

Thanks for all your support! Now let the BIRTHDAY fun begin!!

Race Day 013

good morning gorgeous.

Saturday 040

I didn’t have any plans on writing today and it’s not even morning anymore, but I’m kinda feelin’ it today! It’s been a while since a HUGE cup of coffee for me, so maybe that’s why my brain is swirling around with thoughts. This past week has been a challenging one.  Long and busy with […]

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Luke 22:27 For who is greater, the one who is at the TABLE or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the TABLE? But I am among you as one who serves. How ironic that I would read and get an understanding of this scripture the same day that I wanted […]

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comfort zone.

Fourth of July 004

Hope you had a fun holiday weekend.  We enjoyed our long weekend of no running around from here to there.  No commitments or having to grab chips to take to a BBQ.  Just a nice slow but fun weekend together with the family.  My two “kids” are growing up fast (22 &17) so any time […]

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Not so junior anymore…

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I cannot believe today is the LAST day of my son’s Junior year of High School.  Why did it come and go so fast?!  From my view point it was a learning and growing experience for both him and me.  There were some great unforgettable moments and there were some moments I’d like to forget, […]

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cake in heaven.

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Today my sister would be 46.  I’m not sure if you celebrate birthdays in heaven but I’m pretty sure she’s enjoying herself.  This is the first birthday since she passed away 5 months ago.  I’m not really sure how to feel just yet.  I was kind of dreading today because I didn’t want sadness to […]

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less time with God.


  I’ve posted this on facebook before because I thought it was just plain good, but this week I was reminded how TRUE it really is. You ever just had one of those weeks?  Yeah, me too.  Mine happened to be this week.  Everything was annoying, irritating, and unfair.  I was whiney, crabby, and even […]

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project pink.

Vintage Desk 2

So, sometimes I have a one track mind.  When I get something in my head that I want to do…well, you know. I love vintage.  Anything that has to do with it, I love it.  I’ve got some gems around my home that I’m sure my family just can’t seem to understand why.  Well here […]

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The A to Z of Me {K is for…}

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I’ve decided that every Monday {hopefully} I will do a letter about me.  Why? Well, why not   I know I haven’t been very consistent but if you try it, you’ll find it’s not easy to describe yourself. But I discovered a K word over the weekend that describes me pretty well. { K is for […]

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